Four steps to finding your dream home.


  1.  Find the realtor you want to work with.  More on that in another post but basically find one you like and who is responsive to your inquiries. Why do I need a realtor now?   Because your realtor can be a great source of information for you.  First find a realtor who works the area where you want to live because they will have information on important things like lenders, market value, comps, days on the market so that you don’t overpay for a house.
  2. Find a good lender.  How do you go about doing this?  Ask the realtor who you located in No. 1!  Most realtors have working relationships with several lenders so they should be able to supply you with a few to call and check out before you decide who to work with.  Do not pass go, do not skip this step, do not think “I will do this once I find a house.”   Why?  Because you will see a house that you love and then find out that it is just a little over your budget.  There is nothing more deflating during your home search than being told you can’t afford your dream home.
  3. Call your realtor when you see an interesting property online.  Everyone starts their search online.  This one is a big one…call YOUR realtor first when you see an interesting house.  Unfortunately a lot of websites do not syndicate quickly so the house you see online may already but under contract and your realtor can tell you whether you can view it or cross it off your list. Do not fill out the “I want more information on this home” on the website!  Why?  Because that inquiry will go to another realtor advertising on that site. The best thing to do is to call your realtor because this helps your realtor have a better understanding of the homes you like.
  4. Ask your realtor to set up an auto search in their system for you. Your realtor should be a member of the local multiple listing service and should be able to set up an “auto search” in their database system for you so that you receive new listings and back on the market listings (where the contract has fallen through) on an hourly basis or daily basis; whatever you decide. This is vital for catching new listings that will be sold quickly.  Sometimes it may take 24 hours for these listings to appear on home websites and by then you may have just missed the house of your dreams!  A lot of realtors even have an app you can load on your phone with a search so that when you see a house when you are out driving you can easily view the information on it and contact your realtor through the app to ask about it.  Happy hunting…